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     Jeneece lights cauldron in Victoria

When Jeneece was 3 years old she was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Neurofibromatosis.  This condition causes tumors to grow on nerve pathways all over the body.   These tumors affected her spine.  With the assistance of  Variety, The Children's Charity, the family was able to purchase a body brace that kept Jeneece alive by preventing major spinal surgery at the age of 3.  That brace delayed Jeneece's spinal surgery by 2 years and gave her a chance to grow.  Those two years gave Jeneece a chance at life but that is not all, it also was the starting point for all of Jeneece's efforts.


Jeneece Edroff, known as the" fundraising phenom", prolific philanthropist and "Vancouver Island's Penny Girl."  She started a penny drive to help Variety at the age of 7.  By the time she reached 14 she had raised over a million dollars for Variety, The Children's Charity.  She has raised money for Easter' Seals, Camp Shawnigan, Tour de Rock, Cops for Cancer and also for BC Children's Hospital.



Jeneece is now 16 years old and has raised a phenomenal $1.5 Million for BC's Special kids. From that dream this website was developed. Jeneece understood at a very young age that nothing is impossible and "NO" is not a word in her vocabulary. Due to the medical issues that she has had to endure, Jeneece understood early, the needs of other children and the challenges their families face. Jeneece wants to inspire others to do what she has done and to get involved. Her dream is to encourage the spirit, passion and drive in youth and adults alike, to help and volunteer in their communities.


This website is designed to keep the public informed as to what Jeneece is doing now. "I am a bit like a penny, by myself, I am not worth much, But with a little help and lots of pennies, you can achieve a lot. Every penny counts and even the smallest person can make a difference."

- Jeneece Edroff

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